Ski Bag for everyone

If you are going skiing one of the main concerns is that all your equipment will arrive at your destination in one piece.  There may be a temptation to choose ski bags with additional padding but this doesn’t necessarily offer additional protection.  It can also make it difficult to fit onto a traditional ski or luggage rack on your car.

The ideal solution is to choose a specially designed ski-bag. Given the unusual shape of ski-ing equipment, style is often compromised in order to accommodate practical considerations but this does not have to be the case. Edge & Wax Ltd offers an impressive range of ski bags suitable for all types of equipment and accessories. Apart from more traditional bags they also offer a range of SporTube hard cases. Available in black these offer protection to your skis during transit.

The Benefits of Boot Bags

If you are buying a bag for your ski equipment, don’t forget to get a boot bag too. Boot bags offer protection to your boots during the journey to the ski resort and are ideal for storing your boots during the off-season.  The range from Edge & Wax Ltd also includes boothelmet bags which have additional space for your helmet.

Made in black with red, white or black trim the boot bags are neat and fashionable as well as practical, the ideal way to arrive at the piste in style!



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