Clothes with the addition of tiny solar cells can generate electricity during the movement of users. Thanks to that the energy obtained can be used for charging smaller gadgets in an easy, ecological and comfortable way. New technology sounds like a dream-come-true for everyone who cares about the natural environment but also has to charge their phone often.

solar panel

Scientists from the Nottingham Trent University worked on the development of the project. Minimal solar cells in the size of a flea were introduced into the yarn which was used for clothes material production. Solar cells don’t bother when the clothes are worn or washed and are not easily visible for the naked eye. Every cell is only 3 millimeters long and 1.5 millimeters wide. It is not really possible to feel them when worn.

solar panel

Sustainable clothes

Presented solution is undoubtedly the next example of sustainable clothing invented in recent time. The ecological approach to the production of electricity can be very useful especially for those who use the phone more often. Charging with solar cells don’t require any kind of wall socket. You can use it as a mobile device. In addition, choosing this solution you can reduce carbon emission. Up to 200 miniaturised cells can generate 2.5-10 volts and up to 80 milliwatts in power. The university’s Advanced Textiles Research Group made a proof of concept textile of 5cm by 5cm size with 200 cells.

The university carried out some special researches and tests which proved properties and action of the invention. Tiny solar panels can charge not only your smart phone but also Fitbit and smartwatches. According to scientists, 2,000 solar cells incorporated into a textile would generate enough power to charge a smartphone. Achala Satharasinghe, who developed the prototype as part of his Ph.D. at the university claimed that, this exciting technology could revolutionise the way we think about solar power, clothing and wearable technology.


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