The newest project of the fabric, that can cool bodies is revolutional to performance cooling. This special cooling system makes sure that your body is kept in the right temperature even in the hottest environment!

Triple chill effect

Have it ever happened that sweating was disturbing your everyday life? If yes, the newest project of cooling fabric might be something for you. Its patent-pending yarns and specialized manufacturing techniques combines natural cooling minerals, active wicking and rapid drying technology to create a Triple Chill Effect™ for an instant and permanent cooling sensation that won’t ever fade or wash out. All Brrr° fabrics are rigorously tested by independent global textile labs to verify their superior cooling, wicking and drying capabilities. The tests prove the ability to reduce skin temperature by almost 3°F over 20 minutes of normal wear.

triple chill efect

Why is it important?

Hot weather is a normal thing during summer almost all over the world. It can also be very inconvenient. Overheating may also influence our self-confidence. When we exercise or sit in an overheated room at the office or crowd into a packed room for a social gathering, many of us get hot and clammy. Fabrics that draw away the heat and moisture our skin can help keep us more comfortable and refreshed. It is worth to have a closer look on the proposition from Brrr°, as the startup has closed on an additional $1 milion in funding and plans to continue their rapid expansion into a store near you. We will keep an eye on it!


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