Thermal reflective fabric technology is an innovative, new product launched by Columbia Sportswear. It’s Omni-Heat 3D technology made of  breathable fabric is a great base for winter clothing.

The winter fabric creates an entirely new warm experience, according to the company Columbia Sportswear based Columbia. Addictional heat-retaining foil component permits moisture vapor transfer to occur. It makes the fabric is comfortable to wear while providing warmth.

Winter fabric

First of all, the reflective aluminum foil is laminated. Then, small pods of vertically oriented fibers are attached to the fabric using a printed adhesive and an electrostatic deposition process.

The fabric uses fibers for a reason. First, they provide a little air between the fabric which adds additional insulating capacity. But more importantly, what the fibers do is lift the reflecting component off whatever the fabric is next to, which allows the reflectors to reflect the infrared radiation emanating from the body. It minimizes  heat loss via conduction, thereby maximizing the heat retaining properties of the fabric.

tkanina odbijająca ciepło

An unique project

It is an unique project, by adding the reflective component.  The fibers is vertically oriented. The most important aspect of the new technology is the how we can use it. This new fiber can be applied to a number of different types of base fabrics. Iakes it widely applicable. It also sounds like a perfect solution for a collection of winter clothes. Clothes that would keep the warmth even in the coldest environment.

“From what we have researched, there is nothing like this technology on the market,” Nordhoff senior public relations manager added. “Unique may be an adjective that is thrown around all too often, but in this case, I do think it’s appropriate.”


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