Environment-friendly fashion

Environment-friendly textiles fibers lab

Materials made in laboratories are attracting designers attention. Bolt Thread company is introducing textiles harmless for nature which can change the future of both high fashion and casual clothing. Are environment-friendly textiles a feasible option?

Spider’s web

Many times nature was a source of inspiration for scientists and artists alike. A current trend for eco lifestyle is growing strong bringing many solutions for environmental protection. Bolt Threads company is not turning a blind eye and started research of nature-friendly fibers, which may impact modern clothing.

Studies on silk proteins spun by spiders allowed to discover what makes their properties so incredible. Therefore Bolt Threads manufactured proteins based on natural silk using bioengineering to place genes in yeast. They can produce large quantities of proteins thanks to the fermentation process which involves the presence of sugar, water, and yeast. Then they extract the liquid silk protein and spin it into fibers just as acrylic and rayon fibers are made. To make fabrics, the fibers are knitted or weaved. The first creation of Bolt Threads was Microsilk – a synthetic spider thread made without spiders. Microsilk excels in endurance and, however, these properties can be altered according to the needs. The significant advantage in favor of these type of fibers is their complete biodegradation. This can have a great effect on the environment that is already polluted with polyester, dyes, and other harmful substances.

First sales

A year ago Bolt Thread started the sale of their very first product – a tie made of synthetic spider silk. The next was a hat made of a combination of wool and the fiber. The production wasn’t massive, but it was a step forward the changes on the clothing market as well as in a fashion industry. Stella McCartney, a fashion designer well known for her sustainable and luxurious fashion design incorporated the fiber in her designs. Meanwhile, Bolt Thread company began cooperation with Ecovative to develop the ecological leather made of mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms.

Fashion natural fibre Bodysuit designed by Stella McCartney using Bolt Threads silk. 

The process seems to develop, new ideas come up. Maybe in near future, we are going to find fully biodegradable clothing in our stores.


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