Wood is one of materials that is universally considered to look elegant. It is often used in industrial design products like furniture, parquet floor or other elements of interior design. Wood makes it look classy and ensures higher quality. This time a team of textile designers Tesler+Mendelovitch created absolutely original and unusual kind of material – textile wood.

Textile made of wood

This kind of material fits industrial, art and fashion design perfectly. Interest for unique products is constantly on the rise. No wonder there are more and more companies, concept stores and ideas which promote unusual look by selling unique wearables. Tesler+Mendelovitch proved that wood can be a good choice to produce an innovative  and unique textiles.

purse purse purse purse

Wood inspired the designers with its special structure, properties and look. They carried out researches of new wooden textile. The team designed the material with geometrical and architectural surface structure and incorporated it into several products. That way  Tesler+Mendelovitch launched their project ”Wearable Wood” which is a series of elegant clutch purses. The purses are soft in touch and flexible at the same time. All of them have a magnetic clasp and ensure a comfortable grip. The production process of the purse uses specially selected wood and grains to maintain the highest standards.

purse purse purse purse

Timeless style and elegant look

Without doubts, wood clutch purses are one of those classy and original products on the market of fashion accessories. It stands out visually as an element of art that we can wear. Its architectural form highlights the luxurious and modern look. The purses are handmade with the wood of best quality. They are lightweight, comfortable to hold and offer a spacious interior for your personal items. The clutches present an elegant, innovative and timeless style which will find its followers nowadays as well in the forthcoming years.


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