The first Eden was constructed in a former clay pit in Cornwall, UK and contains eight geodesic domes on 2.2 hectares. The project, which includes a temperature-controlled eco-system of massive vegetation in the interior, is often described as the “largest rainforest in captivity.”

Each “biome” comprises a hex-tri-hex form with two layers made up of steel tubes and light joints. This dual-layer system ensures optimal energy efficiency on the inside. The bulbous cladding of the geodomes is made up of triple-layered high-performance ETFE foil “pillows”.

Working with The Eden Project organization, Grimshaw Architects will collaborate with Chinese developer Jinmao Holdings Limited to design and develop the new Eden, which will be located on a barren piece of reclaimed land that sits on a convergence of two rivers near Qingdao.

Eden_project_tropical_biomeHowever, although the location has been announced, specific details of the design have not been made available. Grimshaw partner Jolyon Brewis told Dezeen that, although the basic premise would draw inspiration from the original Eden concept of transformation and regeneration themes, the Chinese version will be completely unique.

“Grimshaw are delighted to continue our long relationship with Eden Project,” he said, “We are excited about this opportunity to develop the themes of Eden in Cornwall, and create the design for an entirely new destination in Qingdao.”

Since opening in 2001, the Cornwall Eden Project has attracted over 16 million visitors and remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK.


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