Innovative surface materials for industry sectors outside of the automotive industry.

Benecke-Kaliko has greatly diversified its product portfolio outside of the automotive industry under the brand name Dynactiv™ Surfaces, offering a full range of innovative surface materials for a large number of consumer and contract industry sectors.

“We are doing this to show our customers that, in addition to a wide product range of high-quality automotive interior materials, we also have a very great deal to offer many other sectors,” says Dr. Claus Zürbig, Managing Director at Benecke-Kaliko.

Dynactiv™: Eight new product groups supply surface solutions for industry

The eight product groups of the Dynactiv™ Surfaces portfolio are divided into the following sector applications: Hospitality, Health, Home, Fashion, Mobility, Protection, Power and Blend.

Whenever the need is for toughness, hygiene and easy cleaning of furniture and equipment, Dynactiv™ Hospitality products deliver winning solutions – for example, in hotels, restaurants and bars, movie theaters and shopping malls. In seniors’ homes, care homes, hospitals and doctors’ offices Benecke-Kaliko contributes to ultra-high levels of hygiene with its innovative Dynactiv™ Health products. The Dynactiv™ Home series of surface materials for indoor and outdoor furniture are highly resistant to daily wear and tear and weather effects and are also of outstanding quality.

For companies driven by fashion and requiring high-quality materials Dynactiv™ Fashion products are the solution. Interior trim materials in aircraft and on ferries, cruise ships and yachts, on the other hand, have to be extremely tough, flame-retardant and especially lightweight. That is precisely what the Dynactiv™ Mobility surfaces offer.

Dynactiv™ Protection materials meet the most stringent global safety standards and are used, for instance, for protective clothing, workwear and uniforms. The focus for Dynactiv™ Blend products is on added value and reuse. These exclusive blends, granulates and recycled material blends can be used for almost every imaginable application.

Environmental compatibility and value creation are the focal point of the solutions that Benecke-Kaliko offers with the Dynactiv™ Power family. From protective covers for natural protection of resources right up to ultra-modern energy-creating innovations – the Dynactiv™ Power products have been specially developed for these purposes. More information about the new Dynactiv™ products and contact people can be found here.



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