At the Techtextil Trade Fair in Frankfurt we received an invitation to the exhibition stand of Safak, a company which cooperates with PraneM.

Safak Orme is one of the knitted fabric manufactures in Turkey, was established at the end of 1950s as a family venture. Company which constantly develops and renews itself has continued to carry out its activities under the name of Safak Technical Textile as an integrated establishment.

We had the opportunity to talk with the PraneM company founder Mr Gabriele Diddi.  PraneM has been involved in the production of nonwovens and foam for over 25 years and it was this experience which enabled them to develop the material ElaTherm.

PraneM Focuses on the Development of New Technologies and Products. By focusing on market changes, customer requirements and in constant dialogue with the producers of raw materials, machinery Microsoft Word - DW-ET3700-E-rev1and intensive laboratory tests, PraneM is able to meet the individual needs of its customers

ElaTherm’s DryWalk is a range of materials used for the insoles and internal shoe padding. Typically, the membrane used in the shoe is responsible for preventing the penetration of external moisture. The aim of the ElaTherm is to remove the moisture caused by sweaty feet. All traditional materials which are used in the inner insole or padding, whether breathable or not, can absorb sweat, but the moisture remains on the surface and is in contact with the skin. This causes humidity and coldness resulting in discomfort.

Thanks to ElaTherm’s DryWalk the moisture is transferred from the foot by means of physical processes using special hydrophilic microtubules. This allows the skin to remain dry.


Another important characteristic of ElaTherm’s DryWalk range is the insulation. The majority of insulating materials consist of air pockets which act as a barrier to heat transmission. If the air is replaced by moisture, which is a better conductor of heat than air, the heat loss increases causing the insulating properties of the footwear to deteriorate. EleTherm’s DryWalk range offers an improved mechanism which takes the moisture layer away from the skin.Microsoft Word - DW-ET4502-E-rev1

Moreover in breathable materials, the air is subject to convection currents and thus easily replaced by cold air.  The technology used in ElaTherm’s DryWalk range allows it to minimise this effect, thus increasing the thermal insulation.  This is achieved by using microfibres which create a dense mesh and slow down the circulation of the air from/to outside. This technology combines microfibres with the microspheres filled with air, which don’t allow (“trapped static air”) to get out of the spheres and therefore produces a thermos (double glass window). It increases the coefficient of thermal insulation and promotes a porous structure which ensures breathability.

EleTherm’s DryWalk is a composite textile material which is finished by chemical process. It can be used in all kind of shoes (safety, hiking, work shoes, ski-boots, military-boots, sneakers, sportswear, casual and slippers).  It can also be laminated with numerous other materials such as knitted fabrics, woven, non-woven, synthetic leather and leather.


DSC_0032DryWalk has been developed by Safak Orme A.S. and PraneM srl for footwear purpose Safak Orme A.S., which is located in Istanbul is the manufacturer of different textiles used in the DryWalk combination. Safak guarantees the right article with the appropriate properties to be inserted in the end-product, so that maximum efficiency of moisture management and insulation will be reached.

PraneM srl is a manufacturer of nonwoven used for midsole and lining in footwear application. Company is located in Italy.

Once again we would like to express our appreciation to PraneM and Safak for being hospitable and informative at the Techtextil Trade Fair in Frankfurt.



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