For both, amateurs and professional cyclists there is no bad weather to go for a bike ride. Weather conditions are not a decisive factor when it comes to choosing which means of transport to use during cold days. Nowadays we have an option to choose among a wide variety of apparel for cyclists. They often offer high-quality performance designed for all kinds of conditions outside. The new formula of fabrics created in cooperation of Kitsbow and Polartec was made to offer a modern line of products perfect for everyone who is not willing to give up on cycling during the year.

A new line of cycle clothing

Kitsbow is a company specialsing in cyclists’apparel without sacrificing elegance or modern, fashionable design. Among shirts, jackets, trousers, sweaters and a variety of accessories, Kitsbow tries to find new ways and design new products to improve cycling comfort. They offer a special performance adjusted to a specified activity. This time Kitsbow in cooperation with Polartec expands their line of cycle clothing with the new Power Wool Performance Knicker, Tight, Arm Warmer, and Knee Warmer.


Natural and synthetic fibres combination

All of the products have been made in the US with modernized fabric technology Polartec Power Wool. The bi-component material is made of natural and synthetic fibres without blending them. It is an absolutely innovative technology for fabrics and materials production. This way, only natural merino wool is in contact with skin. This kind of wool is soft, warm and provides good moisture circulation. It is also antimicrobial and helps to maintain a good environment during usage while the synthetic part outside offers stretch, recovery, durability, and even more effectively manages moisture. According to the producers, the new version of Power Wool is even a better option for cyclists during cool days. It provides a great performance, is highly useful and just helps to make beautiful products.


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