Myant Inc – a global leader in the design and production of smart tech in textiles has proudly announced that it is carrying out advanced work on the creation of a polo t-shirt that will monitor the user’s blood pressure.


T-shirt production is to be part of the SKIIN Textile Platform program, which is to integrate an innovative system based on sensors and actuators together with the most popular materials that surround people and are most often used for the production of clothing. 

It will be the world’s first intelligent garment that will provide continuous, seamless blood pressure monitoring in a comfortable, and hopefully visually pretty, polo shirt. The creators provide the possibility of washing it in the washing machine without the danger of destruction.

The SKIIN shirt will eliminate the problems associated with the continuous monitoring of results for people with heart diseases or with circulatory problems. What’s more, the technology is to connect wirelessly with mobile devices in real time to enable data tracking on a regular basis and allow them to be shared with, for example, doctors or caregivers.

SMART CLOTHES ARE COMING (brace yourself!)

The year 2019 promises to be very busy for Myant Inc. – apart from the blood pressure t-shirt, they are also planning to develop another smart solution – underwear that will monitor the health of the user and warn about heart problems.  Underwear will be equipped with modern sensors capable of electrocardiography, HRV analysis, as well as to monitor body functions known from smartbands and smartwach – physical activity, sleep and body temperature. However, this is still not all. The employees of the Textile Platter Computing SKIIN are already testing additional clothing options such as: detecting the danger of falling, detecting fatigue for car drivers, signaling the menstrual cycle and additional measurements of the chemical balance of the body.

The goal of developing smart-clothing technologies is to make everyday life a little more pleasant, easier to control health, the ability to quickly share all data with doctors and, as a result, a more stable and longer life. Admittedly, the list of smart functions that Myant Inc. is working on is extremely impressive.

Tony Chahine, CEO of Myant Inc. declares that the long-term goal of the company is to build interaction between people and modern technologies that are able to seriously support us in controlling our health, maintaining well-being 24 hours a day, at every stage of our lives. The company wants to modernize familiar materials and fabrics so that they still retain their durability and overall comfort in use, but have gained a lot of modern functionality.




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