Stewart Road Halloween Haunt, Bryson Quebec, Canada

Largest display of Airblown Inflatables in the area. Halloween is the greatest time of year for us.

Firewall – touch-sensitive membrane

Firewall - interactive media installation Firewall is an interactive media installation created with Mike Allison. A stretched sheet of spandex acts as a membrane interface sensitive to depth that people can push into and create fire-like visuals as well...

Italy’s textile machinery industry goes green

TEXTILE MACHINERY: NEW VIDEO ONITALIAN SUSTAINABLE TECHNOLOGY NOW ON-LINE The ongoing commitment of Italy’s manufacturers to sustainable technologies is highlighted in a new ACIMIT video, “Italy’s textile machinery industry goes green.” The new video produced by...
Zorb Ball + Human + Giant Pins = Bowling!video

Zorb Ball + Human + Giant Pins = Bowling!

This Is Probably The World’s Biggest Bowling Ever! Have you ever experienced riding on Zorb ball? Well if not, check out these amazing guys who used to build a human bowling in the snow. Check...

Vacation with technical textiles | Two weeks of CRAZINESS!

New Zealand almost KILLED us! Two weeks of CRAZINESS!!!

Human Zipline Slip and Slide with Pete’s Dragon!

We took a ZIPLINE onto a massive bouncy SLIP AND SLIDE and launched into a LAKE with Pete’s Dragon!
KAISR Original: The Ultimate Inflatable Air Lounge

Ultra Light and Inflatable Sofa Designed to Completely Change the Way People Relax

The KAISR Original The KAISR Original is a super comfy, portable and fun to use inflatable sofa. This one of a kind product from Amsterdam that needs only two scoops of air is now on...
Quiksilver designed a wetsuitvideo

When you need to combine Business and Surfing – Quiksilver!

On the Wave with Quiksilver Does dawn patrol have you throwing on whatever’s at hand on your way to the office? Give yourself more time in the water with a True Wetsuit from Quiksilver Japan. True Wetsuits True Wetsuits...
No time to waste! Quick assembly is one of its many

Make it christmas bubble – make invisible visable!

Christmas Bubble Tent - the transparent dome is the newest way to create an invisible transparent space for all kinds of events, fairs, metting places and etc. Thank to mobile construction, lightness and easy instalation...