WHITEOUT combination of carbon FIBER and TYVEKvideo


WHITEOUT combination of carbon FIBER and TYVEK https://vimeo.com/121752433
Programmable Materials

Programmable Carbon Fiber and Textiles

Programmable Materials - step into the future! These new materials include: self-transforming carbon fiber, printed wood grain, custom textile composites and other rubbers/plastics, which offer unprecedented capabilities including programmable actuation, sensing and self-transformation, from a simple...
glue gun

A Breakthrough in Adhesive and Surface Treatment Technology

Syntor Specialty Chemicals Ltd will be present at the show in Frankfurt, promoting a new range of proprietary products which act as thermally or UV activated adhesion promoters and adhesives. Based on diallylamide derivatives, the...
Safil Biella

Safil exhibits its yarn range for functional fabrics at Performance Days

Safil, the Italian spinning company, expands its offer by presenting a range of performing yarns for functional garments, made of innovative blends of natural and technical fibres, at Performance Days, the leading trade fair...
executive plane

Carbon fibre finds use in aircraft interior and exterior

After being used in the structure of aircraft for long, carbon fibre is now increasingly being preferred in their exterior and interior. The use of carbon fibre gives a modern glossy look. While carbon fibre...
Nonwoven water blue drop

Nonwoven filter media help provide clean drinking water

EDANA, the leading association serving the nonwovens and related industries, has launched a new infographic, delivered as part of its study into durable nonwoven applications. Nonwoven filter media contribute to cleaner drinking water throughout the...

The Most Ridiculous Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Ridiculous Inflatable Christmas Decorations Now the tradition of having Christmas inflatables on lawns is a relatively recent phenomenon but they are nevertheless popular enough for onlookers to spot them. Of course, some people tend to...