Innovative CARBON FIBER sprayer booms

We are changing the game in sprayer booms. Building them with carbon fiber. Makes sprayer booms a diferent kind of creature. How did we get here? With 20 years of experience under our belt: expirience in designing and calculating structures, experience in making sure ever detail is examined and studied, experience with perfecting every design to be as efficient as it can be.

agro king fiber carbonTheir VISION

The carbon fiber and the new composite materials are the key to innovation and progress of the industry in the next decade. The use of this new material in the agricultural industry is the fastest, more efficient, economical and safe way to reduce the operating costs of any agricultural mobile machinery.
Due to its characteristics of great strength and minimum weight, the use of carbon fiber/Kevlar/composites in heavy machinery for the agro industry, substantially reduces the fuel consumption, working hours, soil compaction and maintenance by corrosion, thus improving productivity and optimizing the profitability of every planted hectare.

…and innovative product


  • 6 times more resistant than steel
  • 5,5 times lighter than steel
  • no corrosion
  • less fatigue
  • design flexible to needs and…


Composite materials are easily reparable, as their internal structure consists of layers of material “stuck” together. However, the traditional repair process requires of certain tools and specific experience in order to be trust-worthy.

In order to avoid these inconveniences, KingAgro has developed a system of repair in the field that allows fixing any problem in just a few hours.

Every boom is delivered with a repair kit that is placed over the damaged area, achieving a consistent repair in less than an hour.

The geometry of the boom was designed so that the kit adapts to any section that has suffered damage. This system of repair doesn’t require any expertise and gives back the original structural integrity with a small gain in weight




MaterialDensity [kg/dm3]Voltage Plows [Mpa]Specific resistance [ton]
Template steel7,871500,0019,00
Carbon Fiber1,452000,00117,00




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