Transparent outdoor shelter for 1000$

The Bubble Tent is essentially a transparent outdoor shelter, rugged enough for any season, and perfect for stargazing on a clear night’s sky. It’s made from strong, water-proof and fire-retardant PVC tarpaulin with double stitching. An included blower keeps it inflated, so it’s easy to set up and take down when needed. With a 13-foot diameter, you’ll have plenty of space to move around, place a bed, couch, or any other piece of furniture.

Transparent Bubble Tent

transparent bubble tent

transparent bubble tent

“Set this baby up in the forest, on grasslands, by the sea or even in your garden, so you and your family can savor the great outdoors with full clarity. The Bubble Tent comes with a storage bag, repair kit, and optional lighting and heating systems, in case you get so attached to it that you’ll never wish to leave,” according to HuffPost.


BubbleTree, created in 2006 by the French designer Pierre-Stéphane Dumas, has created a new approach to temporary accommodation for leisure and eco-tourism. It is based on the following principle: minimum energy, minimum material, maximum comfort, and maximum interaction with the environment.

The Bubbles without frameworks are inflated by a low consumption air blowing system that continuously supplies the air to maintain the shape of the structure, refresh air and remove moisture problems. Inside, a high quality air, free of dust or mosquitoes. All Bubbles are equipped with entrance tunnels with framework and two doors.
These creations in association with the services proposed by BubbleTree promote novice approach to responsible tourism through uniting top comfort with proximity to the nature and respect for the environment. Thus, BubbleTree enables you to transform your natural spaces into real living places, winter garden, wellness lounge and, of course, temporary accommodation for unusual and romantic nights.

More about the BubbleTree concept you can find HERE



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