Young designers supported by API.PL were noticed, and their collections using textile printing were appreciated.

“Cooperation with the Lodz Academy of Fine Arts at the international Łódź Young Fashion event and with the Department of Textile Print at the Academy of Fine Arts, as well as cooperation with the Warsaw VIAMODA university is our idea to support young designers. We show modern technologies, propagate knowledge and physically help the most able to implement their ideas. This is an investment of the API.PL company in the next generations. “- describes Mariusz Wasiak from the marketing department of API.PL

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The jury of the VIAMODA Diploma Gala upgrade 2018 awarded the most important distinction to the collection of men’s streetwear “FOUR PIECE SUITS” by Sandra Dąbrowska. It emphasizes freshness, innovativeness of the idea and inscribing into the trend of design unisex and social involvement (the collection refers to the problem of resocialisation of former prisoners). Prints inspired by tattoos were possible thanks to the cooperation of universities with API.PL and EPSON.

The highlight of the program was, of course, the presentation of a mini collection of this year’s university graduates. Each of the young designers showed six original silhouettes, which were part of a wider concept and constituted a design solution for the topic of the BA thesis, embedded deeply in the context of contemporary arts, culture and design. This year’s VIAMODA graduates of the Warsaw University presented a huge variety of ideas, themes and styles of the presented collections: from conceptual, through streetwear, to collections of occasional and sales clothing. Everyone showed a high level of creativity, aesthetic sensitivity, knowledge and technological skills that allowed them to implement their design ideas. During the Gala, fifteen diploma collections were created by VIAMODA students, creating a single, coherent artistic concept.

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The collections presented the current of existentialism, conceptual futurism, proprietary experiment, the transformation of own graphic and painting works and the creativity of others into the visual layer of clothing, architectural form and functionality of clothing beautifully inscribed in the latest trends or referring to the tradition of design and art. We could see noble handicrafts made of silk in pastel tones, Gothic-inspired collection of unique costumes, minimalism closed in austere forms, made of heavy woolen overcoats and thick knitwear, architectural deconstruction, rock style and finally a cornucopia in a collection inspired by zoomorphic forms or in the form of bold patterns of prints. The originality of each collection was manifested not only in the silhouettes and details of the outfits, but also in the artistic expression of each of the young designers

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