Organic Basics is a Dutch startup which invented undergarments with an ability to stay clean for weeks without washing. Even though it might seem controversial, the company has its own mission to fulfill which is to support the natural environment.

Young inventors used one of the best known antibacterial metals as a special ingredient. Silver kills even 99,9% of the bacteria and helps to maintain the underwear cleaner and fresher for longer periods of time. Thanks to that it has to be washed only a few times a month. The reason why the company decided to start working on the project was the interest in sustainable fashion. A worrying tendency to buying, wearing, washing and finally throwing away clothes inspired Organic Basics to find an effective solution to that problem. It is not only about the waste of resources and money but also about the degradation of the environment.

Miraculous silver

Silver is a metal well-known for its antibacterial properties. To give the underwear desired capabilities the material was covered with a special silver coating which not only kills bacteria but also lets the fabric stay fresher. Thanks to that it is possible to wear the cloth for longer and limit the necessity of washing often. That way we can save more water, energy, time and money.

Silvertech 2.0

The first Organic Basics collection was launched in 2017 thanks to a fashion crowdfunding campaign in Scandinavia. This time the company is back with an innovative project. The product was named Silvertech 2.0. and is totally made of sustainable resources. The material mostly used is mechanically recycled nylon. A seamless knitting technology makes the garment even more comfortable to wear for a longer time.


Even though Organic Basics underwear might seem like a controversial idea, it is undoubtedly a product which can help us care for the environment even more. Many of the lately carried out researches show the negative impact that the fashion industry has on the environment. Maybe it is a good idea to give up on expensive, famous brands and choose sustainable and ecological solutions.


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