Anti-Vandalism Devices

When transporting goods it is essential that the load is secured and protected during transit. Vehicles parked overnight are particularly vulnerable to attack as the tarpaulin, if unprotected, can be easily cut open whilst the driver is asleep. Having a cargo stolen can have a negative impact on your business. Not only will there be financial costs involved in replacing the stolen goods and damaged tarpaulin but there may also be financial implications caused by a damaged reputation and loss of trust.

DYNATEX innovative tarpaulin reinforcements
DYNATEX has invested in different machines enabling us to produce innovative tarpaulin reinforcements for different applications.

Protecting Goods from Theft

To protect your load, and your wallet, it is worthwhile considering the use of an anti-vandalism curtains. There may be an initial cost outlay but the benefits of peace of mind and an intact reputation are priceless. Here are some of the options available:

Steel Netting of Anti – Vandalism Curtains

  • Siosteel

Steel netting can be used to create intrusion-resistant side curtains which provide protection for your goods. Siosteel is a composite consisting of PVC-coated steel net with a doublesided PVC-coated polyester fabric it offers reinforced protection.

  • Coasecure

Coasecure is another composite, which, although similar to Siosteel offers greater flexibility when opening the side curtain.

  • Anti – Vandalism CurtainsProtector

Another option is Protector®. This is a reinforced composite fabric consisting of multi-axial galvanized steel wires, sewn into either woven or non-woven fabrics. The properties of the steel wires within the multi-axial construction increase the resistance to cutting and, in contrast to Siosteel and Coasecure, offer protection on each square mm of the curtain. For enhanced security an alarmed version is also available.

Anti – Vandalism Curtains

Although not as strong as steel, plastic cabling made from PVC cord can be used to strengthen and secure truck tarpaulins. An alternative to cabling is the galvanised steel tape produced by Roffelsen Plastics. This can be fused to the interior of a trailer curtain making it almost impossible to cut.


Anti-Theft Smart Fabric

A new form of anti-theft system, the intelligent fabric, which features a fine lattice of conductive threads woven into the fabric, is designed to trigger an alarm by means of a microcontroller. This enables the exact location of the break-in to be identified as soon as a break-in occurs. Apart from being economical to produce the fabric uses standard manufacturing processes and so can be custom made into any size.


Electronic Alarms

Fitting an electronic alarm enables you to monitor the location of the goods from a mobile phone on a continual basis. The system uses GPS data and will trigger a visual warning or alarm if the goods are damaged or there is a loss of signal.


So far, we do not have access to detailed statistics, how the additional reinforcement tarpaulins influences to decrease in thefts and burglaries. However, if your cargo are sent to places particularly vulnerable to attacks, should consider adding such equipment.


If you are going to choose a anti-theft device for tracking, make sure you find out whether or not it is approved as a anti-theft tool in your country! Then you are entitled to insurance discounts.


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