Poly(vinyl chloride) is a synthetic polymer from the group of vinyl polymers, obtained as a result of polymerization of vinyl chloride. It is commonly used for the production of plastics. It has thermoplastic properties, is characterized by high mechanical strength and resistantce to many solvents.

PVC abbreviation, commonly used in Poland, is incorrect logically and linguistically. In international nomenclature, only the abbreviation PVC is used – from poly (vinyl chloride). In Polish, the acronym PVC is correct – from Polish poly (vinyl chloride). PVC is not a valid acronym neither from an international nor a Polish name.

In the course of trade in Poland it occurs as PVC (softened, i.e. plasticized and granulated PVC) and polwiplast (PVC shoe granulate). The composition of the latter for one of the varieties is about 50% pure polyvinyl chloride, 40% plasticizer – e.g. di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate or a mixture of di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate with dibutyl phthalate, isoamyl phthalate and di (2-ethylhexyl adipate)

Receiving PVC is a fairly complex process. It runs in two stages. The first is the formation of a monomer, i.e. vinyl chloride. From it, in the polymerization process (which is the second stage) a polymer, i.e. polyvinyl chloride, is formed. Because as such it is brittle and useless, it requires the preparation of a suitable mixture for the production of PVC products. At this point, there is the problem of harmfulness of polyvinyl chloride. For it is added various components that make PVC becomes productionable. Later, the problem of their utilization arises. Dissolving PVC and burning is not a good solution, but unfortunately it is often used. Dissolution is difficult to carry out, while during combustion, harmful substances enter the atmosphere. Therefore, the best solution is to recycle plastics, that is, re-use. Unfortunately, it is not very popular.

PVC is certainly a plastic with high popularity. This is evidenced by the multitude of applications in practically every area of ​​human life. It does not mean, however, that it has the supporters. There has always been controversy over this material due to its proven harmfulness. Everything what in the name has the adjective “artificial” can not have no minuses. However, PVC’s advantages are able to offset any concerns of users. In today’s world it is hard to find products made of polyvinyl chloride. They surround us whether we want it or not.


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