Syntor Specialty Chemicals Ltd will be present at the show in Frankfurt, promoting a new range of proprietary products which act as thermally or UV activated adhesion promoters and adhesives.

Based on diallylamide derivatives, the products, trademarked as LoVOC, enhance the adhesive properties of low energy surfaces such as rubbers, plastics, films or textiles, so enabling the bonding of materials that historically have been difficult to adhere.syntor

The LoVOC products are solvent free and can be described as 100% solid liquids. Textiles pre-treated with LoVOC can be calendared directly onto, for example, silicone rubber in a one step process giving exceptional bond strength, superior to other products on the market.

LoVOC products can also be used to pre-treat aramid fibres in order to enhance their dyeability, and so can be used in the manufacture of materials for military uniforms.

This breakthrough in adhesive and surface treatment technology has many applications and could potentially be a replacement for RFL and isocyanate dips.

The LoVOC products have a core group that can be manipulated to confer different properties on the polymer once curing has taken place, such as water resistance, corrosion resistance, enhanced cross linking and variation in glass transition.

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