fet_logo_swirl_240wFET from Leeds, UK has now completed a major upgrade of its Process Development Laboratory. As a leading supplier of high performance equipment for technical textile manufacturers, it is essential that the company’s in-house laboratory facilities keep pace with global technological progress in textile and high performance industries.

The latest phase makes the total investment in excess of £1 million and takes place just nine months after the previous upgrade. Managing Director, Richard Slack explains:

“This reflects both the rate of change in the industry and the collaborative policy FET holds with its clients – in this case a world-renowned research establishment, which has now installed FET’s demonstration laboratory equipment at its educational premises. This has also given FET the opportunity to totally re-equip our own laboratory.”

The Process Development Laboratory has been fully refurbished to showcase the new FET-100 Series melt spinning systems. These comprise the integrated FET-101 Multifilament, FET-102 Nonwoven and FET-103 Monofilament lines, together with enhanced monitoring and control facilities in the new Testing Laboratory.

The new facility re-equips and upgrades the pilot melt spinning line, with a higher level of inbuilt capability than before and providing our clients with greater flexibility and versatility for sampling, prototyping, risk elimination and developing their own technology. Processing capability has been improved and the new laboratory facility is now available in mono-component and bi-component versions in any combination.

Already a major bio-polymer company and other blue chip textile clients have taken advantage of FET’s updated laboratory, undertaking their own in depth testing and evaluation procedures in a secure environment with in-house technical support.


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